About Me

My name is  Kornél Pópa, and I am a very passionate amateur photographer. My interest in photography began in my childhood when I received my first Smena camera from my parents. After a longer break, I returned to the world of photography when compact digital cameras became available.

About 6 years ago, I switched to a more professional camera and started to explore and master the world of conceptual portraiture and Fine Art photography in a self-taught manner.

Unfortunately, I don't have a studio; most of my pictures were taken in the living room of my eighth-floor apartment, with friends often serving as models.

From a professional point of view in the last three years, I have participated in numerous prestigious international competitions such as FIAP, PSA, GPU, WPE, and others. In these competitions, I have received several recognitions and numerous awards, including gold, silver, and bronze medals, as well as some commendations.

In my work, I love pushing boundaries during post-processing, experimenting with various techniques, and sometimes even incorporating artificial intelligence.